The process of BHS - business health standard

Business Health Standard is a certification that Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) organizations should go for. This is an organization health quality assessment certification issued to businesses based on the income generated via sales, the people and the process. It is a patented proprietary tool developed by Le-Exceller which focuses on enhancing the business output and by enhancing the quality of standards that each employ is responsible for.

01. preparation

The BHS team would schedule a consultation with the enterprise to enhance the performance of the organization.

03. Enhance

Preparing them to face the market through market research, awareness sessions, Art of living and psychological evaluations, which helps the team to see the bigger picture and work towards a common goal synergetically

02. analysyis

Le exceller would conduct a state of the art analysis to understand the organizational health business merits Employee satisfaction and market brand value.

04. Tranform

We prepare your team and other process owners through a patented transformation process which will enhance sales, customer and employee satisfaction, basic hygenie of the organization and ensure best delivering Team.